WBAT for Aviation Safety, Inc. (WBAT FAS), the leader in aviation safety, has partnered with ProSafeT, an aviation technology company, to provide a new and improved safety software platform. ProSafeT has created the best-in-class SMS and ASAP platform with state of the art software that will create a paradigm shift in the aviation industry.

WBAT-FAS continues to promote aviation safety through the support and feedback of the aviation community, striving to offer premium and FAA compliant data reporting tools for WBAT-FAS users.

Our Platform

Our platform has been developed with cutting edge technology. With cross-talk capability between modules, the user will be able to access linked reports from various employee groups.

With automatic updates in place, ProSafeT will capture and distribute user-friendly and real-time actionable information, while proactively detecting and addressing safety issues.

Through different modules, the user will be able to monitor all safety concerns in one place, with real-time visibility of SMS data and key performance indicators.

Intuitiveness and Ease of Use

Using an intuitive and dynamic interface, the user is allowed significant configuration capabilities with minimum developer involvement, ensuring that everything looks and feels how they want it to.

Seamless Experience

ProSafeT's modules support all devices, allowing seamless use in every situation. ProSafeT is built to provide maximum convenience and versatility to all its users without sacrificing functionality.

Extensive Around-the-Clock Client Support

The new platform will have enhanced customer service with unlimited 24/7 basic support. The response time for critical issues will be less than an hour, for serious issues will be less than two hours, and for low-to-moderate issues will be less than one business day.

In-Depth Training

The new platform will offer the best-in-class on-site and off-site training support. Online training will be offered weekly and at no charge. Additional hands-on training classes will be held at industry and user group conferences throughout the year.

Contact ProSafeT to learn more about our platform and request a demo.

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